Should I Install A Lift Kit Myself?

So, you have chosen to buy a lift kit and lift your truck. Maybe you’re planning on going off-roading or camping. Should you set up the lift kit yourself once it gets here? Or would you be better off investing some money and having an expert install it for you?

If you have the experience and the tools you require, you ought to install your lift kit on your own. Otherwise, you can end up damaging your truck or setting up the lift kit improperly, which can be unsafe. On the other hand, hiring a mechanic to do it may cost as much as the lift kit itself.

In this short article, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a lift kit yourself vs. having a specialist do it for you. I will likewise speak about different lift kits and how they vary in setup difficulty and time. Let us enter into it.

Pros of Installing a Lift Kit on Your Own

You Will Conserve Cash

Employing a professional to install a lift kit for you can easily cost you as much as the lift kit itself expenses. Even if you purchased an inexpensive lift kit for only $300, you may end up spending another $300 for a mechanic to install it for you.

You Might Be Able to Do It Quicker

You might have to wait a bit prior to setting up the lift kit if you go to a mechanic. They may have other tasks to complete. Despite the fact that the setup itself might just take 4 hours, you might need to come back in a day or 2 to give your mechanic time to set up the lift kit.

You will just conserve time if you are experienced at installing lift kits yourself. Otherwise, you will probably waste a great deal of time due to the knowing curve involved in installing a lift kit for the very first time.

Cons of Installing a Lift Kit on Your Own

You should only instal a lift kit yourself if you have prior experience. Otherwise, you risk causing damage to your truck. If you don’t know what you’re doing and damage your truck while installing the lift kit, you may have to pay even more money for repairs or replacement parts. In the long run, if you are inexperienced, hiring a professional to instal the lift kit for you may save you money after accounting for any damage and repairs.

You Need the Tools

If you do not own any tools, how will you install a lift kit? If you deal with automobiles regularly and have the standard tools you need, proceed and install it yourself. Otherwise, you will need to invest cash on tools anyhow, so it might be better to invest some money and have a mechanic install them for you.

It Can Be Dangerous

Yes, setting up a lift kit yourself can result in some unsafe situations. You may leave the wheels misaligned if you do not know what you are doing. Additionally, you may forget to put in some nails or tighten screws properly, leaving things loose, which can trigger accidents on the road. If you do not have experience installing lift kits yourself, think about hiring a professional to do it, so you do not need to worry about safety concerns.

Some Kits Are More Difficult To Install Than Others

Body or spacer lift kits, on the other hand, lift the body of your vehicle from the frame by a few inches without customizing the suspension. As you can imagine, setting up a body lift kit is a lot easier than installing a suspension lift kit.

The Decision: Get A Professional

You can install a lift kit yourself if you have extensive experience and understand what you are doing. If you have a body lift kit instead of a suspension lift kit, installing it yourself will be even much easier and need fewer tools and experience.

However, if you have no previous experience installing lift kits, working with an expert might be a better idea. In this manner, you will avoid harmful your truck. You will also remain much safer and avoid accidents happening due to incorrect installation.

What To Do After Setting Up a Lift Kit

Even after installing a lift kit yourself, you should still take your lift kit to a mechanic. Even if you have the experience and the tools and did the installation properly, the wheels might be misaligned. You may need to get the wheels lined up again, or you may need to adjust the steering components.

Not Sure Who To Go With

AVR Automotive is a Brendale mechanic with expert knowledge in installing lift kits. They have years of experience and are keen 4×4 drivers themselves, so they know exactly what you need. So if you’re not sure what type of lift kit or suspension lift you need, or just want to get it installed, check out AVR Automotive.

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